Friday, May 16, 2008


The wandering intellect of Currado Malaspina is well known. Embroidered through the myth of the man are tales of his staggering erudition and demonic wit. Few people outside France however, know what Currado looks like. Though lionized in Europe, his name in America scarcely stirs a whimper, (my loyal readers excepted).

Ruggedly handsome, he is often confused for Russian film star Pyotr Mamonov, a fact that has yielded several comical and embarrassing consequences for both of them. Due to his very public affair with fashion model Nicolosa Giannini, Currado has been a ubiquitous presence on European television. And when the photojournalist George Pollexfen published his best selling book “Men,” it was Currado who appeared on the cover.

It is for this reason that I am posting two pictures of my dear friend. The first is clipped from the “Style Desuet” section of the March 18th edition of Le Figaro that accompanied an article about flower arrangements particular to the 18th arrondisement. The second is the cover of Pollexfen’s book.

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