Thursday, February 17, 2011


The threshold for what we in the United States might characterize as "priapic infelicity" enjoys a much wider berth among the French. The public in general is much more at ease with matters pertaining to the appetites.

In a career spanning several tumultuous decades Currado Malaspina, neither in his work nor in his behavior, has ever faced derision on the grounds of impropriety.  Figures such as Choderlos de Laclos, Ernest-Armand Dubarry, Isidore Ducasse and the Marquis de Sade are never looked upon as scurrilous aberrations but rather as part and parcel of the Republic's patrimony. The opprobrious sneers and discourtesies that Malaspina suffered throughout the years were strictly on the grounds of aesthetic indiscretions and intellectual misconduct.

Though it is true that Currado's three wives and multiple mistresses circumnavigated the severe, puritanical geometry of a linear time-line, scandal, in the American sense, was as alien to him as processed cheese. To the French, Currado Malaspina is an artist of the first rank ... period.

That is why we are so astonished to learn that the feminist advocacy organization, Women Are Revered, or WAR, are planning a boycott and a series of demonstrations surrounding the April exhibition at ALT/SPACE LA. There is even talk of a social media campaign dedicated to denying Currado a visa on the grounds of obscenity!

This exercise in political burlesque must be met forcefully and unambiguously by the art community and by all good people who cherish our first amendment rights. Please make your voices heard.

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