Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Charisma? .... I don't see it ...

Aardashini Tasawwuf, the devastatingly beautiful actress and fashion model has been a permanent fixture at the Malaspina atelier for the past several months. How this withered, decrepit Frenchman  attracts such gorgeous women into his circle of admirers is beyond comprehension.

Aardashini Tasawwuf on the set of Leopards, Cricket and the Lost Ring of Tabir, 2011
She was with him at the opening of his most recent exhibition, Maquettes pour le Marquis at Gallerie Claude Pierre-Or on rue Galilée.

Aardashini Tasawwuf at the opening of Maquettes pour le Maquis, Paris

And he was with her in Kolkata where she was working on the forthcoming Tagore Production feature Leopards, Cricket and the Lost Ring of Tabir.

Aardashini Tasawwuf in her dressing room
 Malaspina was even able to cajole her agent into allowing her to appear in his latest video, which as a result, went viral on YouTube India.

You go figure ...

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