Monday, August 12, 2013


My good friend Currado Malaspina never leaves his atelier without his Lica V-Lux 30 digital camera and his Schmincke half-pan watercolors. This is especially true during his annual August vacation where he typically takes over 10,000 pictures and fills about two dozen sketchbooks.

Somewhat out of character, Currado decided to spend 15 days at a resort hotel in Sharm el Sheikh.

Poolside at the Kulliyat-e-Hasrat Desert Resort and Casino, Currado Malaspina, 2013

The southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula with its infernal summer heat is not everyone's idea of an ideal location but Currado, always alert to a good bargain jumped at the cut-rate deals. The recent Egyptian coup d'état and the ensuing political uncertainty has seriously impacted the holiday traffic. It seems that Malaspina has had the Kulliyat-e-Hasrat Desert Resort and Casino practically to himself. Aside from the odd south Asian businessman and Gulf State itinerant gambler, the hotel is nearly empty.

Анжелика, Лидия and Светлана, Currado Malaspina, 2013

Apparently the only women at the hotel are a trio of young seminarians from St. Petersburg and a comely young widow from Lebanon who according to Currado, never takes off her large, floppy pink hat.

Zaina wading, Currado Malaspina, 2013

Currado is already talking about buying a new, Fujinon wide-angle 16x zoom lens and although he doesn't ski, I believe he plans on spending next Christmas in Laqlouq.

Zaida afloat, Currado Malaspina, 2013

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