Monday, May 5, 2014


Leave it to my buddy across the pond, Currado Malaspina to find the only health club in the EU to allow nudity. Modeled on the ancient Spartan ritual of Gymnopaedia, members are encouraged to do their paces while fully peeled.

Famous for their Kouretes classes, close cousin to Pilates but a bit more martial, this unusual fitness center attracts an eccentric yet devoted clientele.

Although there are two similar gyms here in California - one in Humboldt County catering to the pot-bellied pot growing community the other in L.A. buried in the canyons of Bel-Air not far from the Getty Museum - neither one, Malaspina insists, can hold a fisherman's candle to the one in France. (Currado stipulated that for discretion's sake I withhold the name of his birthday-suited spa as it is frequented by several well-known members of his beloved Socialist party). 

The highly unorthodox atmosphere has a practical component that's hard to refute. Unlike conventional gyms, this one doesn't need scores of high-definition television screens bleating frantically from every corner. Why bother when there are better distractions available while performing one's rote exertions?

All the dangling and drooping aside, it's been noted elsewhere that exercising in the rough is better for the circulation, creates boatloads of free-radicals and greatly enhances the production of vital digestive enzymes.

Though it's unlikely that this will grow into an enduring trend there are already indications that the popularity of unclad calisthenics has yet to peak. 

Can bald-ass Zumba be very far behind?


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