Sunday, May 17, 2015


My good friend Currado Malaspina is finally getting famous.

Not that he isn't already famous but it's one thing to be a well known contemporary French painter and quite another to be designated the official Digital Asset Designer of the European Union.

Currado has finally gone legit!

In his capacity of court painter for the European Council of Ministers he has already created a logo for the upcoming Conference on Taxation and Customs, designed the layout for the new Eudralex medicinal legislation newsletter and sculpted a marble bust of the president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz.

I think he's rather pleased with all these new demands. He told me he finds it refreshing spending time with policy wonks and bureaucrats. They eat well, smoke good cigars and never raise their voices in anger.

One project however is causing him to lose his sleep. 

For whatever reason the EU has decided that 2 euro should be the standard rate for mailing of any parcel under 50 grams. They asked Currado to design a new stamp and he's having a hell of a time coming up with something he thinks they will like.

This was his fourth attempt.

I don't think so ....

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